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In english (construction pipeline) provides an overview of upcoming Danish construction projects larger than 50 million DKK / €7 million. The Pipeline shows potentials in the Danish construction market for both Danish and foreign companies. This gives companies the knowledge of the level of demand for future construction projects and they can therefore optimize their tendering for projects. At the same time foreign companies are encouraged to bid for the jobs and make the investments necessary to establish themselves in the Danish market. For construction clients the information on can also be used as a tool for better coordination of procurement in order to avoid bottlenecks and overheating the market.

All informations are updated four times a year.

Construction Pipeline is presented by the Danish Construction Client Association and Byggefakta A/S in collaboration with the The Danish Building & Property Agency, The Danish Transport and Construction Agency and the Realdania foundation.



Here you will find the latest updated pipeline for Danish construction projects. The pipeline contains all registered Danish construction projects (excluding civil engineering projects) starting within the next year and with a budget larger than 50 million DKK/€7 million.

The pipeline is available for the entire country and divided into the five Danish regions. All pipeline lists are also available with both Danish and English explanatory text. The lists are updated four times a year.

Find the pipeline here

Market forecast and top lists (Prognoser og toplister)

See the forecast for the Danish construction market for the upcoming 4 years. The forecast contains construction projects with the budget over 50 million DKK/€7 million for the upcoming 4 years (without civil engineering projects). The graphs show the annual turnover on construction projects and allocate each project's total budget evenly over the years that the project spans.

The figures for the previous years are based on realized building projects, while the figures for the upcoming years are based on planned projects that are associated with some uncertainty. The figures in the graphs is adjusted with probability factors which are based on historical data.

On this page you will also find top ten lists of the past year's most active clients, architects, engineers and contractors.

Find them here

Search (Søgning)

Search among all public and private construction projects in Denmark. The list includes both completed, active and future projects. You can search among more than 11,000 construction projects from Byggefakta’s database. You will only be able to see up to 200 projects in the list, but you can use filters to limit your search. Click the project in the list and learn more about the individual building project.

You can order additional information for up to three projects for free via CRM Byggefakta. Click the orange + and add a project to your cart, fill out the contact form and press send. You will then be contacted by Byggefakta and they will forward all the details of the desired projects.

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Contact us:

Comments and questions about can be directed to Rolf Simonsen at the Danish Construction Clients Association; or +45 2294 4171.

Comments and questions about the pipeline's numbers and data may be addressed to Byggefakta A/S at +45 7025 3031.


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